Corporate Identity

Let Your Customers See the Real “You” With an All-New Image

UK Branding and Corporate Identity Expertise at Your Service

To stand out in the world of so many websites – millions and millions of them – you must be unusually unique and have something that sets your company apart from the rest. This is called your “corporate identity” and it represents the personality of your company and what you’re all about.

Are you a suit-and-tie type of business? Are you edgy and creative? Are you helpful and compassionate? The corporate identity is the energy you present when people click on your website. Some businesses do not have one. They are just “there” but do not really put their face forward. Yet, having a strong corporate identity can give you the added leverage you need to attract more clicks on your site and also to acquire more clients and more sales. Let Revamp Works help you develop a new corporate identity. Some of the ways we can do this include:

  • Creative Logo Design
  • Print Collateral – such as business cards, stationary, brochures, posters and more
  • Marketing Solutions – such as catchy tagline development and corporate branding
  • Company Naming and Website Overhaul
  • Social Media and Networking
  • Promotional Literature, Packaging, Visual Aides
  • Research and Competitive Analyses
  • Advertising – of all shapes and forms – from print to radio, TV and online advertising

If you don’t know who you are, neither will your customers. Together we will build a new face for your business to present to the world. Corporate identity is the personality that will become the very premise of what your business is about.

Let Revamp Works customize a corporate identity package for your business.

No two businesses are alike, even those that offer similar products and services. We can create the “voice” that you want your customers to hear, with stunning visual aides that you want them to “see” so that ideally they will choose your service. Plus, you will be best matched with customers that you like to work with and who like to work with you.

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